Join Our Fight Against Distracted Driving

Sign the Pledge Against Distracted Driving

Help Plymouth Rock Assurance make New Jersey roads a safer place and #SaveYourSelfie to fight distracted driving.

We’re rewarding drivers who make responsible choices. We’re giving away $100 once a month to one winner for the rest of 2015 to drivers who park in a safe location to text or use a mobile device.

Drivers can win by taking a selfie in front of their safely parked car and sharing it using #SaveYourSelfie on Twitter or Instagram. We’ll randomly choose a selfie at the end of each month, announce the winner on social media and contact you to claim your prize. See official rules and eligibility.

By joining us to #SaveYourSelfie, you’re keeping yourself and others safe by staying focused on the road 100% of the time you’re behind the wheel. Need to make or answer a call? #SaveYourSelfie. Send or read a text? #SaveYourSelfie. Map your way around a traffic jam? #SaveYourSelfie. The list goes on.

Remember: it’s safe to stop and text at places like designated parking spaces at rest areas and marked parking spaces in designated parking lots. It’s not safe to stop and text at places like highway on-ramps or off-ramps, road shoulders, or at traffic signals or stop signs. Remember to obey all officially posted road signs and applicable state laws.


Record-Setting Awareness

More than 32,000 drivers have already helped Plymouth Rock combat distracted driving by setting a world record for gathering the most pledges to a safety campaign. #SaveYourSelfie rewards your promise of staying focused on the road.

Distracted Driving by the Numbers

There were 3,154 people killed in 2013 in distracted driving crashes, according to, the official government website for distracted driving. To better understand the behavior of New Jersey drivers, we commission an annual study that reveals the need for a cultural shift to eliminate distracted driving behaviors from our roads. Our 2015 study shows:

  • A rising percentage of respondents admit to texting while driving — 33% in 2015 compared with 26% in 2014.
  • Virtually all respondents (92%) know that texting while driving is illegal in the Garden State.
  • 82% of respondents say texting while driving is their top safety concern for New Jersey roads, ranking nearly twice as high as drunken driving (42%).
  • The percentage of respondents who text while parked in a safe location was 56% in 2015, compared with 28% in 2013.
  • The most frequent distracted driving behaviors are those not commonly considered detrimental to road safety, like tuning the radio, reaching for items in the car and reading directions.

While we appear to be moving in the right direction, there is still work to do. Join us throughout 2015 to #SaveYourSelfie and Get Home Safe®!  You can help in the fight against distracted driving by continuing to urge your friends and family to sign the Pledge! 

Proud Sponsor of PADD

Plymouth Rock is proud to support Nikki’s Foundation - People Against Distracted Driving (PADD). This non-profit group was founded in memory of Nikki Kellenyi, who tragically died in an auto accident in 2012 at the age of 18. Nikki was a National Honor Society student from Washington Township, NJ. PADD has spearheaded the advancement of Nikki’s Law, a bill that authorized legislation to erect signage warning motorists that text messaging while driving is prohibited under state law.

Get your free quote online or find a local agent and if you have any questions about our fight against distracted driving you can visit our contact us page or call 800-516-9242.