FAQs: Insurance Rates, Customer Care, Claims and More


Have a question about how Plymouth Rock in New Jersey can help you save on insurance rates or about our customer care services? We’ve compiled Claims FAQs, Customer Care FAQs, Teachers' Insurance FAQs, and Get Home Safe® FAQs so you have the option to get your answer with a click instead of a call. We’ve added a “Welcome to Plymouth Rock Assurance” FAQ to help answer questions you might have about the brand name change from High Point Auto Insurance, Palisades Insurance and Teachers’ Insurance to Plymouth Rock.

Some of the topics you'll find covered in the Claims FAQs include:

  • Handling an auto accident
  • Property damage or loss
  • Deductibles
  • Medical bills
  • Door to Door Valet Claim Service®
  • Guaranteed repair facilities
  • Rental cars

Some of the topics you'll find covered in the Customer Care FAQs include:

  • Bills
  • Making payments
  • Auto insurance coverage
  • Home insurance coverage
  • General information

If you can't find the answers you need about insurance rates, customer care, claims, or any other question you may have, please reach out to Plymouth Rock Assurance in New Jersey today.

Get your free quote online or find a local agent to see how Plymouth Rock in NJ can help you save on insurance rates, and if you need additional information you can visit our contact us page or call 800-516-9242.