Catastrophe Center

Disaster Preparedness in NJ


At Plymouth Rock Assurance in New Jersey, we take a proactive approach to your safety. We have carefully prepared steps to deliver fast and personal service in the event of a disaster.

If there are widespread electrical and phone outages, our claims adjusters will travel to affected areas utilizing our Crashbusters® vans. These mobile claim offices are fully equipped with standalone satellite technology that permits complete and full access to our claims systems. In the event of a disaster, please mark your property to identify that you are a customer by posting a sign that says “Plymouth Rock” and your policy number as close as possible to the front door.

If general telephone service remains uninterrupted, you will receive a recorded message when contacting our offices advising you an emergency condition exists, when you can expect to be able to reach us by telephone, and instructions for obtaining service through our website or through your agent. We will continually post updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Read further information about how to prepare for a hurricane and find hurricane recovery links. Plymouth Rock offers Sandy Forgiveness to new and existing customers so a claim due to Hurricane Sandy will not be used in rate calculations.

Plymouth Rock also provides information on winter storm tips and about the claims assistance we offer. We can also help you find a repair shop if your car is damaged due to an accident and offer Door to Door Valet Claim Service®. See what other customers are saying in our testimonials or read information about how to report insurance fraud.

If you need claims assistance in NJ or if you need further information about disaster preparedness, visit our contact us page.