Our Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives from Plymouth Rock Assurance

Reducing the amount of paper used

With the help of our customers, we’ve made big strides to reduce the hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper generated by us each month.

  • In 2009, we introduced a free paperless eDocuments service that enables customers to receive all policy documents by email. Thousands of registered customers later, Plymouth Rock has saved over 150,000 pieces of paper—and this number continues to grow. Sign up today!
  • For new customers, we’ve introduced a fast and easy eSignature service to sign and save application documents online. As a result, we are saving over 10,000 pieces of paper every month in New Jersey!

Going paperless in the office

We scan all policyholder correspondence and store these documents electronically. Over the years, this process has helped us to avoid endless rows of filing cabinets full of paper.

Employees have embraced recycling as a seamless part of working here:

  • Plymouth Rock takes advantage of Hewlett Packard’s recycling program. All used cartridges are collected from every printer to get recycled, as well as computer equipment.
  • Battery recycling is made available.
  • Bottle caps are recycled (learn more about this neat program below).
  • Paper cans are at printers and at all desks in the company.
  • Aluminum and plastic are collected in all kitchens.

Saving energy in the office

We kicked off an energy savings program in 2010 in New Jersey by installing light sensors and more efficient lighting throughout our offices.

Using certified paper when possible

Since 2008, we’ve been using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for many of our publications. The FSC is an organization that helps corporations make better decisions about the natural resources used in the course of running their businesses.

Cultivating green partnerships

Plymouth Rock is proud to have Clean Ocean Action as one of the charities under our Pledge of Assurance. Clean Ocean Action is a leading national and regional voice which works to protect waterways, research ocean pollution issues, and formulate policy and campaigns in active response to these issues. In 2009, Plymouth Rock and its employees participated in Clean Ocean Action’s plastic caps recycling program.  We have collected over 40,000 plastic caps to date, and continue to collect more every day.

Green Tip – Did you know that the majority of plastic bottle caps don’t get recycled? During recycling, caps are sorted from the bottles and discarded as garbage. If a cap doesn’t come off a bottle during compression, the entire bottle is discarded as trash. Often caps wind up in landfills, beaches, rivers and oceans. Birds and other marine creatures often mistake caps for food with tragic results. The good news is that you can help! Simply collect your bottle caps and take them to local recycling centers or businesses (such as Aveda and Whole Foods) that can properly recycle them.

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